The New Network Visualization Platform for Systems Biology

MONGKIE is an integrated network visualization platform which allows us to analyze inter-connected biological data in an interactive manner with knowledge integration environment. It provides Import/Export Network, Expression Overlay, Network Clustering/Grouping, Pathway Integration/Visualization, Over-Representing Analysis(GO/Pathway) and Analysis Pipelines consisting of other modules.


Integrated Analysis

You can build and analyze networks through the process of integrating new information into the existing knowledge, and vice versa. MONGKIE provides knowledge integration methods that allow you to analyze data in the context of network.

Creative Visualization

To represent diverse types of biological entities, interactions and controls, MONGKIE provides various types of nodes, edges and arrows. Also you can customize visual properties of them using the integrated visual editor UI.

Extendable Architecture

MONGKIE is a java-based application built on top of the NetBeans Platform that provides plug-in architecture, thus being platform-independent and easily extendable with additional functionalities.

Pathway Visualization

One of the most prominent features of the MONGKIE is the visualization of integrated pathway data from hiPathDB with appropriate layout and visual representations for biological entities and relations.


Network Clustering

Using MONGKIE, you can find densely connected regions in the network using various topology-based clustering algorithms such as MCODE and MCL. you can also define groups by you defined data attributes such as localization and disease.


Over-representation Analysis

You can perform statistical test for enrichment or depletion using the annotation databases such as GO and Pathway. The result of enrichment analysis will be displayed in the table views or in a network context.


Analysis Pipeline

To generate insight on the biological meaning, commonly used network analysis processes are provided in the form of pipeline consisting of other integrated analysis modules.

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